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Vacuum Pump THVE Type

Roots Blower Series / Vacuum Pump Vacuum Pump THVE Type Type - THVE Type

Roots Vacuum Blower
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We are a professional Industrial Vacuum Blower manufacturer, supplier and exporter, headquartered in Taiwan. We can make new products to respond quickly to market changes and customer requirements. Our products are manufactured and tested to international standard, under strict supervision of highly qualified technocrats to satisfy and meet the most critical demand of reputed industrial user worldwide.


  • Pressures Applied:0 ~ –0.45 kgf/cm² 2 ~ 150HP
  • Customize order with specific designs


  • Lower noisePressure pluses are the major noise source in blowers. The Trundean roots blower design can efficiently reduce noise by approximately 5 dB.
  • Lower energy consumptionTrundean roots blower are designed to control backflow pressure to the rotor in order to reduce energy consumption.
  • Longer bearing lifeLess vibration transmitted through the lobe results approximately 20% longer bearing life.
  • Stable Air Flow with High Efficiency
  • Easy Maintenance with Tri Lobe design


Waste Water Treatment, Aquaculture, Electroplating Industry, Powder Conveyance, Grain Transport, Paper Making Industry, Food Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Chemical Industry, Vacuum Dryer, Dust Collection Machine…. etc.

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