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Air Capacity Converter

Principle of Blower Operation:


There are two rotors in the compartment of the blower body, when the rotors operate in opposite direction, they suck air in to balance the pressure created due to the volume V1 change on the inlet side. And the air of the volume V2 will be sent out thru the discharge side and the high pressure will be created thru the discharge.


There is no need to supply any lubrication between two rotors because of the existing clearance between them which gives no worry about the possibility of friction. The blower runs well at high speed and produces clean air, it is also applied to vacuum purpose.

Usage of Performance Table:

The performance table shows relationships among blower type, bore, rpm., discharge pressure, theoretical air capacity and shaft power.
1. The air volume shown in the performance table represents a suction volume under standard suction condition (temp. 20 ℃,absolute pressure 1.0332 kg/cm2, relative humidity 65%).

 In case an air flow under the normal condition (0 ℃ 1.0332 1.0332 kg/cm2 ABS) is equivalent to a suction pressure, it can be converted to an air flow under the standard condition by means of following formula:


3. An air flow under discharge condition can be converted to an air flow under standard condition: 


4. Seek blower type, bore, rpm., and shaft power of the performance table based on the air flow and required discharge pressure obtained as a result of the aforementioned results.

5. The selective range is duplicated depending on blower types. However, as a selective eriterium, choose blowers of the smaller type from a economical viewpoint and those of the larger type from a viewpoint of noise level.

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