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Roots Blower THS TYPE

Roots Blower Series / Vacuum Pump Roots Blower THS TYPE Type - THS 80

Roots Blower
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Trundean Machinery, with many manufacture experience and professional technology, continuously focuses on roots blower and Pumps research and provides reliable & quality products for customers. Not only qualified for ISO 9001 2000 International Quality Certification and CE Certification, but also obtained many awards such as Roots Blower Structure Improvement, Water Jacket Type Roots Blower improvement, Pump Type Structure Improvement, Roots Blower Structure Improvement…etc.

Proper clearance between the rotors and the rotors with the casing ensure no direct operational contact, hence no lubrication is necessary. The synchronous gear drive system and the shaft bearings are the only parts which require lubrication. Separate lateral chambers are made to house these moving parts with appropriate seals to prevent oil leakage. In order to reduce man-made errors and enhance the precision of the leave wheel, our rotors are made by the most advanced one time work process Four-Shaft method.

In addition, the air compartment and the side cover of our blower has a flange and groove rim, which can strengthen the blower's operational functions and prevent eccentric phenomenal resulting from the fastening of the stud, which may shorten the life of the blower. Low Noise & Minimal Vibration are also the main features of Trundean blowers. Noise and vibration reduction are the main emphasis in developing the new series of roots blower. The TRUNDEAN Blower rotor concept was adopted based on its flow characteristic which is very stable and even compared to the 2 lobes type, also coupled with the fact that it shows a considerable reduction of both noise and vibration. The extent of reduction can even allow the smaller unit to operate without the need of a silencer.

We, Trundean Machinery, are committed to maintaining product quality and innovation, production standardization, and strict inspection system, in order to ensure that Trundean Roots Blowers, Pumps and Diffusers can meet customer's requirement. We offer the best quality products and quick after-sale service. We are capable to make products according to customer’s special request. Custom-made order is welcome.




  • Applications of the Pressure Conveyance
  • Pressures Applied:0 ~ 0.8 kgf/cm² 10 ~ 250HP
  • Special order with specific designs




  • Lower noise:Pressure pluses are the major noise source in blowers. The Trundean roots blower design can efficiently reduce noise by approximately 5 dB.
  • Lower energy consumption:Trundean roots blower are designed to control backflow pressure to the rotor in order to reduce energy consumption.
  • Longer bearing life:Less vibration transmitted through the lobe results approximately 20% longer bearing life.


Specification Table

Type- THS-80

R.P.M Capacity Qs(m³/min) Pressure(mmAq) Power La(Kw) Cooling Water's Capacity
4000mmAq 5000mmAq 6000mmAq 7000mmAq 8000mmAq L/min
Qs La Qs La Qs La Qs La Qs La
1150 4.16 5.0 3.87 6.0 3.61 7.1 3.41 8.2 3.18 9.2 8
1300 5.05 5.6 4.76 6.8 4.51 8.0 4.30 9.2 4.08 10.4 8
1450 5.96 6.3 5.66 7.6 5.41 9.0 5.20 10.3 4.98 11.6 8
1600 6.85 6.9 6.55 8.4 6.30 9.9 6.09 11.4 5.87 12.8 8
1750 7.75 7.6 7.45 9.2 7.20 10.8 6.99 12.4 6.77 14.0 8

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